Our primary mission is to identify and eradicate the effects of trauma on our community.
We accomplish this by providing access to therapeutic resources, creative arts and education designed to support mental health, physical wellness and overall development.


We provide communities with tools, healing techniques and resources such as the Creative Arts to provide gateway's to complete mental wellness. Our dedication to mental wellness helps ease the impact that trauma has on our children, families and community members.

  • Circle of Men
  • Healing Tank - Offering access to Free Therapy Services for Individuals, Families & Groups

TASF Program Advisor: Ayize Jama-Everett.  Contact Ayize at ayize@tasf.org

In addition to recognizing the importance of exposing youth to fine and performing arts, TASF utilizes Creative Arts as a tool for healing and sustaining mental wellness using techniques including but not limited to; Sound Therapy & Meditation, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), Art Therapy (Painting, Drawing, Coloring Workbooks), Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Poetry therapy, and Play Therapy.

TASF Program Advisor: Hilda Willis


Our communities are greatly impacted by incarceration. It’s not simply the emotional devastation of being separated from a family member or friend, but also the stress and anxiety of needing to fill that void their presence once occupied. It’s the financial strain experienced as a result, when codependent relationships are disrupted. And the day-to-day unknown variables all will face moving forward. The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation will be a support system accessible to these families in crisis - we are here to help.

  • Support for Incarcerated Individuals
  • Afeni Shakur Legacy Fund / Bail Funds
  • Prison Reform Initiatives & Partnerships


In recent years media has begun to shine a light on how great of an impact human trafficking has had specifically on the African American community. Staggering numbers of Black and Latino females from minors to adults are hunted and go missing daily. Research has shown that the historical objectification of black girls has wrongfully stripped them of a perceived innocence otherwise conceded to their white counterparts. This "adultification bias" must be eradicated, our girls' childhoods restored, and all women protected from predators. TASF partners with expert organizations to develop safe havens for human & sex trafficking prevention.



TASF supports several local and national organizations that have a specific focus and interests in creating Peace & Resolution models for underserved communities.  Our intention is to offer communities peaceful options to achieve conflict-resolution, instead of violence.

  • Peace Pole Ceremonies in cities across the USA
  • Challenge Day (Partnership Activation)