JANUARY 6, 2021. We are not shocked, but we are vehemently appalled by yesterday's riots at Capitol Hill as well as the discovery of explosives at both DNC and RNC headquarters. There are holes in the hearts of many from the disease that has metastasized throughout this country. January 6 exemplified the social injustices that The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation fights tirelessly to correct for our people.

The world bore witness to our nation's familiar hypocrisy. Racists, homophobes, anti-semites, misogynists and thugs expressed their grievances inside our nation’s capital. Armed with guns, rope, and chains, they breached security and ceased the functions of government while law enforcement struggled to de-escalate the riot. There were few arrests, as most of these domestic terrorists were safely escorted out of the Capitol building to move on with their lives.

If only there weren’t two Americas. If only Breonna Taylor was extended that same patience. If only Ahmad Arbery was confronted by a group willing to understand his predicament. If only, over this past summer, the millions of human beings protesting the murder of George Floyd were met with such mercy. Unfortunately, this is our reality.

Two Americas.

One, fighting against injustice and corruption then being fired upon with rubber bullets and tear gassed, juxtaposed with those committing criminal acts for a disgraced politician yet treated humanely by law enforcement. A sobering reminder of who our government values. The stark difference in police response time and tactics further underscores our cries for reform to undo systemic racism at ALL levels. The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation values, fights for, and wholly represents you, the people.

It is critical that we have conversations that so many wish to avoid. We must address the disconnect that exists. We must hold elected officials accountable, and we must acknowledge that true leadership begins with us - in our homes and in our communities.

Together we can overcome anything and TOGETHER WE DEMAND CHANGE.

Dedicated to raising awareness about the prevalence and connection between trauma and mental health and to provide people with resources needed to address the trauma and find mental wellness. In doing this, we aim to effectively stop the impact that trauma has on our children, families’ and community members.  We will leverage healing techniques and the creative arts as a resource to accomplish this.

Founded in 1997 by Afeni Shakur, mother of the multi-talented Tupac Shakur, The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, Inc. (TASF) originally began as the Shakur Family Foundation. Afeni formed the organization to bring quality arts training to young people. Over the span of 20 years, a range of creative arts education was offered via annual ‘Performing Arts Day Camps’ for ages 12 through 18 at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts, in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Disciplines such as creative writing, vocal technique, acting, stage set design, dance, poetry & spoken word, provided clarity around the business of entertainment. TASF also nationally hosted Essay Competitions, charity Golf Tournaments, Internships, and awarded scholarships during this time… Read more »

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