TASF recognizes the importance of exposing youth to fine arts and creative expression. We utilize our platforms and programming as a tool to heal and sustain mental wellness through theraputic techniques including: sound therapy & meditation, dance movement therapy, visual and performing arts.

The Writers

The Staff


Justice Maya Singleton is a writer, director, poet, and stand-up comedian, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Justice observed storytelling and film making as a rigorous process of storytelling through the mentorship of her late father director, John Singleton. Upon noticing how both education lack true depictions of black culture, history and experience as well as rarely empowers social justice narratives. Justice took it upon themselves to create a bi-monthly workshop, Justify Writers Room, that mentors individuals to process the injustices in black writers’ experiences. The workshop now inspires literary artists to let the truth in their art justify themselves.


Andrea Heard is a teacher, writer, thought leader, and founder of the education firm A.N.H. Consulting, LLC where she provides a variety of professional development workshops, curriculum writing and revising, as well as project management services. Andrea supports and encourages all things learning. She believes that whether inside a traditional school house or just being outside with a group of friends, there is always something to learn and encourages us all to expand our minds by asking questions and building relationships. Her motto is, “Stay curious my friends.” She is also a proud mom of a 15 year old young man who definitely came here to keep her inquisitive ways in flow.

Amelian Kashiro

Amelian Kashiro Hamilton is the founder of Sisters With Invoices™ (SWI), creative director, wardrobe stylist, visual artist, critic and writer. Her creative practice explores the intersections and politics of identity, cultural labor, ethics, culture, pop culture, communication, abolition, healing arts, metaphysics, economic development, transparency, fashion, etymology and design. SWI, an intersectional safe space, supports freelance Black creatives as they navigate the industry by providing tools, community and knowledge. It was formed in response to the exploitation Amelian faced behind the scenes. She has dedicated her life to ensure Black bodies stay spiritually, physically and emotionally safe in media creation through its reclamation as a form of reparations.


“In 2019 I had just begun to have several Justify workshops while pursuing my career in directing and screenwriting when as ya’ll know I went thru loss. To be honest, this loss was not only very personal but very professional and all too public to endear. Due to this grief and trauma, my career and workshop opportunities suffered because everyone thought my pain amended my desire to be happy and successful. Imagine being a writer and director yet being ostracized or misunderstood by the film industry you were raised in. So I embraced myself and my writer’s workshop community again.”Justice Singleton