Our primary mission is to raise awareness about the prevalence and connection between trauma and mental health and to provide people with resources needed to address the trauma and find mental wellness. In doing this, we aim to effectively stop the impact that trauma has on our children, families’ and community members.  We will leverage healing techniques and the creative arts as a resource to accomplish this.

Mental Health Awareness

Healing Tanks - we will create a platform for families, fans, rappers, actors, artists, entertainers, youth, etc. to come and talk about their trauma and mental health challenges in a confidential and safe space.

Youth & Creative Arts

We will launch a Creative Arts Intensive Boot Camp for PAC KIDS Alumni and offer Master Classes in the area of Music, Dance, Theater, Poetry Initiatives and Entrepreneurship Development

Families Affected by Incarceration

We will develop a project to address families impacted by Incarceration.

Women & Children

We will partner with expert organizations to develop safe havens for human & sex trafficking prevention.

Peace & Resolution

We will support Violence Prevention by hosting a Peace Festival to encourage inner-city youth to seek nonviolent means to achieve conflict-resolution.